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Deliantra Quests

These are the Quest notes made by Jani-Hur the half orc.

House of the Quest Master is located in east side of Scorn's central square. The Quest Master keeps a track of your finished and unfinished quests. He also provides some spoilers for a fee.

He knows about Scorn Farmhouse, Gramp Malone Earhorn, Gramp Malone Walkstick, Hero of Scorn, Wizard Yarid House, Mike Miller House and Jeweler Quest.

King's Quests

You can acquire knightdom by passing King's quests. King's quests are a series of a short quests where one have to find and deliver different items to the King. The first ones fit perfectly well also for low level characters. Go to the third floor of west wing of King's Palace to find out the details. King's Palace is located in Scorn.

King's Quests
Order of KnighthoodHead of the Goblin Chiefnone
BaronetHead of the Ogre Chiefgirdle of damage
BaronToken of the Animator's destruction (Animator's ring)elven bow +3
MarquisRare blue mushroomimprovement potion
EarlWing of Slithselestdragon shield +2
CountBroken demon gatewayFirebrand +3
DukePowerful weapon against Dragonlords?

The Heaven Quest at Scorn by elmex

The quest consists of three parts. In first two parts one have to aquire two chalices (chalice of first stage to heaven and chalice of second stage to heaven). The chalices are located in Scorn School and in hole in the ground (located between Old Basement and Gork's Grovel). The both dungeons are located close to west wall of Scorn.

The final part starts at Church of Valriel on Street of the Gods. There's a lot of levels (about 100) of random maps - reserve plenty of time to pass the quest. The first levels are very easy but the final ones have very tough monsters.

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