Me and MtG

I used to play MtG in early 90's with some of my friends that were besotted with it (and many of them still are). I never bought my own cards because as a poor student I couldn't afford them. Well, in fact I bought one The Dark expansion booster pack – it's still unopened. Even I didn't have cards my friends had them a lot so it was not a problem to make decks and play.

A decade later my son started the school and he became affected to many many thing we've here in the western civilization. One of them was Pok√©mon trading card game. The cards were expensive and for me the game looked boring, thus I ended up to buy him a MtG instead. You get the cards cheap e.g. Safe Haven (located in Helsinki, Finland) sells one kilo of common MtG by 10€ (price erosion has been notable as in 2004 the price was 13€) and one kilo of uncommon MtG by 35€. According to Safe Haven one kilo equals approximately 600 cards making 1,7snt/card for commons and 5,8snt/card for uncommons.

The cards are also sold in several on-line marketplaces. I have bought many cards from Merzenarie. He's also present in popular Finnish on-line marketplace

My Champions of Kamigawa collection.

About MtG

Check Wizards of the Cost's Magic: The Gathering web site. Everything is there.